Anthony Laranjo

Black Vanilla – Fit Check

Collaborating with Blinkink on Axe’s new film was an absolute pleasure. Our team skilfully blended visual effects and in-camera trickery to illustrate the power of scent-based attraction in this dreamy creation by director Joseph Mann.

From the multiple plate compositing of the protagonist’s dive into the sweatshirt to the swirling CG ice creams that have a life of their own, every detail contributes to highlighting the scent’s essence throughout the film. The meticulous integration of set-build, models and CG for the boat scene and for the body-twisting finale brings the film together, while Jonny Thorpe’s masterful colour grading provides the perfect finishing touch.




Martin Agency


Joseph Mann




Lead 3D Artist: Matthijs Joor

3D Artists: Lewis Power

Lead 2D Artist: Anthony Laranjo

2D Artists: James Mortner, Judy Roberts, Artur Katrancioglu, Michael Aveling, Sean Moran,

Urs Furrer, Kyle Obley

Colourist: Jonny Thorpe

Colour Assist: Daniela Rotaru

Executive Producer: Roman Lukyanov

Producer: Kim Bryde