Anthony Laranjo

Kia Inspires Attention

In this new commercial for KIA, our multi-office VFX team brings to life the story of a lonely firefly finding friendship.

Working with director Lee Ford, we used a combination of character animation and FX simulation to portray how our hero, and later several hundred more fireflies, become transfixed by the KIA Sportage.

A vast all-round VFX effort topped off by Jonny Thorpe’s evocative colour grading.






Lee J Ford


Twice Pictures


Creative Director & Project Lead: Duncan Malcolm

VFX Shoot Supervisor: Kyle Obley

3D Lead: Julian Johnson

3D Artists: Julian Johnson, Georgios Papaioannou, Sebastian Kowalski, Alastair Hearsum, Davide Uccellani, Matt Fletcher, Dominic Griffiths, Lewis Power, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, David Wanger, Mateusz Kozlowski, Václav Patka, Abegayle Elmes, Darren Macpherson

2D Artists: Duncan Malcolm, Anthony Laranjo, Emir Hasham, Sean Moran, Nils Crompton

Colourist: Jonny Thorpe

Producer: Roman Lukyanov

COO: Duncan Buxton